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Firefly Sample Dialogue/Script

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… Glenda turned her back, marched straight into her big green house, and went to bed.
The other chickens knew better than to spend the night out in the big green yard. They knew that nighttime is when cats like to prowl.


One by one, the CHICKENS turn to their neighbor and say,

“She better watch out for the neighbor’s cat.”

After all the CHICKENS have said their line, they all yell in unison,

“She better watch out for the neighbor’s cat!”

At first, Henrietta was quite pleased with herself. She strutted around the yard and picked at this and poked at that and wondered if she would ever get to eat a firefly, but as the moon rose and the shadows grew long, Henrietta started to notice troubling and scary noises. There seemed to be rustles…


Rustle, rustle, rustle…

Script continues for a 20 to 25 minute play.


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