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Firefly Reviews

“A teacher’s dream to work on for a performance. All of the songs are catchy and all the children would leave singing and remembering all the words. 
As a veteran teacher, I can see this play working into a variety of areas within a curriculum.”
Barbara, Elementary teacher

“The musical is charming, teaches good values, and is very singable for the young voice…a winner and—I hope—a children’s classic…”
Cheryl, Early childhood music teacher

“The story was delightful and [the] music was fabulous. The children all had a great time! We were truly amazed on how well the performance went and how confident and well prepared the children were.”
Renee, Parent

“I had fun being a chicken. I loved my part because I got to dance, run, and sing. It was really fun!”

-Lizzy, First-grade actor in Henrietta

“The story is really cute and simple enough for first-graders, who usually love animals. I liked that it was adaptable to more or fewer numbers of children and I thought the music was great. It can also be a little slapstick and has repetition, which little kids enjoy.”
-Michael, Elementary teacher

“The music is very accessible to children…The composer did a nice job. Some children's musicals are so overproduced and way too silly. This has a good balance”
-Tony, Elementary music teacher

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